Let Dombrowski do his job

I’ve been hearing a lot of Dombrowski complaints lately from Sox fans, and frankly I can’t understand why. Farrell complaints can and should be made, but Dave shouldn’t be taking any heat right now.

“He needs to do something.” “He better make moves before the deadline.”

It’s July 12th, weeks out of the deadline, why are we already complaining? He will do something, he will (and is) making moves far ahead of the deadline. Just because we haven’t acquired an ace, or a number two yet, does not mean Dombrowski won’t make attempts before the deadline.

Ziegler made his Fenway debut this Sunday against the Rays. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)


In case you need to be reminded, just last week, Boston acquired Brad Ziegler from Arizona, infielder Aaron Hill from Milwaukee, and Michael Martinez from Cleveland. Perhaps by luck but all three came at the exact right time.

Of course we’re in search for an ace or maybe a no. 2, but Ziegler came just in time for Kimbrel’s shagging flies injury which put him out 3-6 weeks. Our decrepit and exhausted bullpen could use just about anyone right now for relief, and the small dose of Ziegler we got on Sunday showed a lot of potential for the RHP. Ziegler came out in the ninth, and retired the inning in just eight pitches in the Sox 4-0 win over the Rays.

Aaron Hill also saw some playing time last weekend, taking over for Travis Shaw Friday night. Shaw’s foot injury is a day by day situation, not to mention he’s struggled this season with hitting lefties, something Farrell said he may use Hill for. In Friday’s start, Hill went 2-4 with two RBI’s, one of which he hit off LHP Xavier Cedeno.

Michael Martinez strengthens the bench with experience across the infield, much like Brock Holt.

So no, we haven’t acquired a new ace, or a number 2. But we’ve gained a closer (in a time of desperation) an infielder to cover a shaky Shaw, and a versatile infielder. We have just about 3 weeks for Dombrowski to keep making moves, and hopefully strengthen our rotation. The complaints are unnecessary, especially considering there’s no real ace on the market right now.

As long as we end up with at least a number 2 guy by August 1st at 4 pm, I’m perfectly happy with the moves Dombrowski is making them, and more importantly his timing.



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