Pomeranz headed to Boston


The Red Sox have made another move with San Diego. The last time this happened, I was heartbroken. Though NESN and Dombrowski are totally different, San Diego brings up bad memories for me.

imageThis time, a San Diego transaction has made me ecstatic. Thursday afternoon the Sox acquired Padres pitcher, Drew Pomeranz. The 27-year-old LHP made his first All Star team this year, and it’s understandable why. Pomeranz is 8-7 with the Padres this year with a 2.47 ERA.

All of this was great news until finding out who we had to get rid of to make the trade go through. Top pitching prospect Anderson Espinoza was given up to the Padres in exchange for Pomeranz.image

Espinoza was acquired by the Sox two years ago, and had potential to be an ace or at least a top guy for the Sox by sometime in 2018. While it would have been nice to keep the 18 year-old righty in the system, it’s fairly well known that the Sox need pitching right now. A potential 2018-2019 top-of-the-rotation guy is always good to have of course, but the fact is our rotation (and bullpen) is struggling right now. Dombrowski recognized and acted on our current needs, sacrificing a potential future ace.

Obviously losing Espinoza here wasn’t ideal, but fortunately there’s still a few more top pitching prospects we have to look forward to. One of whom officially signed with Boston today. Jason Groome was  Boston’s first pick in the draft this year, and he made it official in Boston earlier today after settling a back and forth regarding his contract pay. The 17 year-old pitcher was compared to Clayton Kershaw by a GM earlier this year, and calling him one of “the best high school pitching prospects” since Kershaw.

If that still doesn’t settle your worries, we also have Michael Kopech-who, by the way hit 105 mph on the radar in his start yesterday-to look forward to within the next couple years.




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