The everlasting courtship between Boston and JD Martinez


First off, it’s been over a year since I’ve written anything. There was no real reason for stopping, just got caught up in things going on in my life and writing fell to the back burner. I’ve decided it’s time to get back into it, especially with the season around the corner. What better way to dive back in than by addressing the Red Sox and JD Martinez relationship, and whats to come.

Earlier today it was reported by Ken Rosenthal that JD Martinez was, “fed up with the Red Sox’s inflexibility”. My first thought after reading this was whether or not these were Martinez’s words and feelings, or those of his agent, the infamous Scott Boras.

We’ve seen this a hundred times but let’s review what Martinez (and Boras) are looking for. Seven years and $210 million for the right handed outfielder. At the beginning of the off season there were multiple teams interested in Martinez, most of whom have fallen off as contenders after signing other FA’s. The Red Sox in theory remain the number one contenders, with 5 years and $125 million on the table.

Now $125 million versus $210 million is quite the gap, but it is also the closest offer Martinez has seen. It may be the closest, but Martinez is apparently still, “fed up”. As are members of Red Sox nation. Just look at the replies to any of the official Red Sox twitter pages tweets, and you’ll see for yourself. Many fans are quick to blame Dombrowski, and rag on the front office for not fulfilling Martinez and Boras’ demands. But is Dombrowski really to blame?

As of now the Red Sox have offered Martinez the best deal, albeit not the exact deal he’s looking for. Until another team comes forward and puts up a better offer, why should the Red Sox cough up more money? If the Sox were to meet Martinez’s offer, I’m sure Red Sox fans would react incredibly appropriately and not overreact at all. Sox fans love when their team shells out money to free agents (ha). In terms of pleasing the fans, it’s a lose lose for the Sox front office. Give the man his money, and they’ll come out of the woodwork like the money is coming from their pockets. Wait it out and they’ll continue to respond to every Sox tweet with a sarcastic “get a bat” reply.

If Martinez is to be fed up with anyone, it would be with other MLB teams. He’s a talented player, who numerous teams would benefit from adding him to their rosters. It makes no sense to be fed up with the one team who’s gotten closest to your demand, especially considering we’re one week out from pitchers and catchers. Which leads me to believe this is a stunt by Boras to try and light a fire under this market and put an end to this stalemate before spring training is underway.

The Red Sox “inflexibility” is entirely fair, until other teams step forward and make better offers. Dombrowski also pointed out how unique this off season is, with multiple deserving free agents still on the market including Darvish, Hosmer, Arrieta, Moustakas, Cobb, Lucroy, Lynn, Walker, Morrison,  Holland, and many more. Once those guys start signing, it’ll be interesting to see who budges first: Dombrowski or Boras. My money is on Dave, but quite frankly I don’t care who caves first, as long as Martinez is in a Red Sox uniform this season.



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